About Us

Orianne was born to be a jeweler. Coming from over three generations of jewelers, Orianne spent her childhood shadowing, training, and learning from her father and grandfather. In learning a love of the craft from her father, she decided to pursue a career in the industry upon graduation from the University of Washington. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in literature, Orianne then enrolled in the prestigious Gemological Institute of America where she specialized in jewelry design and gemstone education.

Orianne began to use her education and background to create pieces of wearable art that are much different from the show-stopping pieces her family creates. She uses literature, nature, and her travels around the world as inspiration to create items for the modern women, perfectly balancing dainty jewelry with a touch of geometric flair. Her designs are simple enough for everyday wear, but still are unique all the same.

Orianne champions that jewelry should contain the following things: quality, simplicity, and integrity. That is why each and every item created by Orianne is made out of pure 14k gold, genuine diamonds and gemstones, and are all handmade and designed in Los Angeles, CA. She aspires to cut out the unnecessary markups traditionally present within the jewelry industry because she believes every woman deserves to own quality jewelry that will last.

Orianne creates pieces simple enough to let you shine, while still serving as an accent for your daily adventures and aspirations- because classic never goes out of style.